Dreadful Omoyele Sowore Shot By Police at Abuja on 31st May

Dreadful Omoyele Sowore Shot By Police at Abuja on 31st May

A report came earlier that the Nigeria Police Officers shot at Omoyele Sowore at the revolution rally held at Abuja today #BuhariMustGo. According to a microblog released by the Twitter activists, he described the incident as oppression from the government. He added that the Federal Government is trying to stop the revolution movement projected for 12th June 2021.

Omoyele is a human activist and the front player of the ongoing Buhari Must Go campaign. In January 2021, Sowore was held at the Police Custody Abuja for hosting a national rally that got President Muhammadu Buhari concern. This anti-bad government campaign aims to stop the oppression coming from some ethnic group and end to unaccountably leadership happening in Nigeria.

Some Nigerian don’t believe in Sowore vision as president. People believed he played a critical role by supporting international politics during the Good-luck Ebele Jonathan called for impunity. The minority has support for Omoloye Sowore activists campaign and presidential ambition. More News to come on Omoyele Sowore.

Video of how police shot at Omoyele Sowore

Video of Omoyele Sowore vs Police at Abuja Today 31 May 2021