What we know about Taliban victory at Kabul Airport, Aug 31

What we know about Taliban victory at Kabul Airport, Aug 31

The war between the Taliban and the United States government is taking a wider gap on the world assumption, a slight truth prophesy and a tale Americans would never imagine. According to the political ledger of America, every president assuming power had a peaceful war deal against the Afghanistan Islamic Terrorist since 2001.

This war has last for decades as power has flown from edge to edge. The 2021 Taliban war call is no more a fantasy as many dead wishers surfaced from different parts of the world against America, the world most influential nation. Some edge believes in the Islamic mandate and its jarring law. But the Americans still believe in human freedom and a strong campaign of peace to people who abide by their dictates. The Taliban-American war started on August 6, 2001. Since then, the war power keeps growing as Americans continue to grow enemies from different parts of the world.

Today at Kabul Airport, the Taliban Militia took pictures with comforts, rally around the ports as a sign of victory and prove to the world that they have taken over Kabul Airport.

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Photos of Taliban at Kabul Airport Today, August 31, 2021

Photo of Islamic Militia Declares Victory

The war between the American government and the Islamic militia continues from edge to edge. Some part of the story sounds like friction. But the world is watching from the canyon, how the fight for power has displaced many innocent souls who can not survive the heat of the war. Pray for Afghanistan, pray for the peace of the world. This war sounds like a comic, but many souls have been threatened to commit suicide.

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