Summer Playlist 2021: Best of Bella, Olamide & Big Wiz

Summer Playlist 2021: Best of Bella, Olamide & Big Wiz

2021 Summer playlist: we are thanking God for a faithful season that brings us together, reminds us of who we are and what tomorrow holds. As Aries, music is part of us. Our life so much depends on accidental tones and lyrics that sharpens the Aries spirit in us. As a true Aries, I present to you the 2021 summer playlist.

I am glad the Nigerian music industry is in a new era through our champion Bella Shmurda, a power star and the next rated Naija artist in 2021. His style of music is a solo afro electronic that helps Aries mind to grow speedily. Bella Shmurda star power is real.

Ruga can not be excluded from the world music chart in 2021. He is lyrically talented with a sound that echoes in the brain. I hope to see Bella Shmurda and Ruga in the studio soonest. Ruga is the fastest-growing lyrical artist in the world. We hope to see him on Obama’s playlist soon.
To our Aries singer who sat to sang Julie for the family, Olamide Adedeji.

In the song Julie, Badoo proves to be a true Aries. This is a long waited for lyrics uncovered by Olamide. As Aries, we don’t know why Julie give so much love to us. We are not Romeo. Don forget to nominate Olamide Badoo in the coming Grammy Awards. Olamide is recommended for 2021 summer playlist.

2021 Summer Playlist

  1. Julie – Olamide Badoo (UY Scuti Album)
  2. Essence – Wizkid feat Tems
  3. So much more – Olamide Badoo (UY Scuti Album)
  4. Abu Dhabi – Ruga Extention Playlist
  5. Stay – Kaycee Bankz
  6. Ginger – Bella Shmurda Extension Playlist
  7. Bow – Ruga Extention Playlist
  8. Upgrade – Bella Shmurda Extension Playlist
  9. Omnipotent – Bella Shmurda Extension Playlist
  10. Siri – Psalm1 Extension Playlist
  11. Fever – Wizkid
  12. Sho Mo mi – Bella Shmurda Extension Playlist

These songs are available on all platforms. Join me on repost to stream Psam1 Siri. I love you guys. Thanks!