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Spirituality is the Secret Key to Abundance Life Vol 1

Spirituality is the aspect of humanity that refers to the way individuals seek and express meaning and purpose of life. The way they experience their connectedness to the moment, to self, to others, to nature, and the sacred.

Religion and spirituality are often used interchangeably. This shouldn’t be so. Religion and spirituality are not opposites, neither are they the same. Religion is often based upon the life’s teachings and believes of a historical figure; the service and worship of the supernatural.

Spirituality The Law of Karama

The law of karma is about all that a person has done, is doing and will do. Our actions, thoughts and words, both good and bad come back to us in the future. Karma is not about punishment or reward. It is life’s greatest teacher. It makes us become better people. It is about the circle of cause and effect.

I believe that I reap what I sow. Whatever I give out, is automatically what I will get. ” if you want it, go get it”. Good things won’t happen to me if I only dream about them without acting. If I want it, I must get up and work towards it. There is no free lunch. It doesn’t get better or happen by just dreaming and wishing.

humility is the solid foundation of all virtues“. If I am humble, kind, generous, and strong, it will be easier for me to reach my goals. Humility attracts a lot of goodness. It is crucial to real success.

as you dress is how the world will address you“. We are responsible for how the world sees and addresses us. How we respect and treats ourselves is how the people around us will respect and treat us. As we help, teach love honour, and respect ourselves, we do the same for others. Respect cannot be forced respect is earned.

givers never lack“. The law of giving is the greatest law we must imbibe. Being selfless does so much good to the society, putting a smile on the faces of the needy. The simple act of giving makes the world a better place. The good we do today always find its way back to us.

living in the moment“. I believe that living in the past makes you lose all the goodness of the present. Living in the past steals your peace. You have so much more to lose when you keep dwelling on the actions of yesterday. When we live for the moment, we appreciate life better. We can do more, we can do better, and we can correct the wrongs of yesterday by acting better today. Yesterday is gone forever. Life is more rewarding when will concentrate more on the present and less on the past. 

if you want a change, you must change“. If you keep having the same pattern of undesirable events, the same type of unworthy friends, the same type of disloyal partners, the law of nature is forcing you to stop, learn a lesson from the experience, and do things differently to evolve into a better version of yourself and stop the vicious cycle.

Hard work pays off“. We have to know that to achieve greatness, we must do great work. Being consistent in the work we do, and not giving up on our dreams is the only true way to greatness. When you work hard, you win harder.

Forgiveness is freeing ourselves and others from the bondage of the past“. Forgiveness is the foundation for emotional and spiritual healing. Without forgiveness the life of the spirit is handicapped. To move on, we must forgive. To have peace, we must forgive.

jealousy teaches“. We all feel jealous at some point. Though we often hide and never talk about it or admit it, even to ourselves. Jealousy is a very natural emotion. It is that part of our human experience that is craving for attention. It is that part of our spiritual being that tells us that we need something that we do not have.

There are some spiritual lessons jealousy teaches us. It is easier to fake a smile, to hide our lack of accomplishment when others are celebrating than face the fact that we need to work on certain aspects of our life. Sometimes we need to quit hiding, pretending and learn the sacred message from our feeling of jealousy. But then, remember that you cannot attract what you attack. 

Levels of Spirituality & Forgiveness

Inner beauty is the only true form of beauty. It is unique and stands the test of time. You are who you say you are. whatever you say about yourself will reflect in your life. Your actions are indicators of who you’ve made yourself to believe you are.

You cannot change people. You are only capable of changing yourself. People can only change if they choose to. Be the change you want to see in others.

Do not compare yourself with anyone else. Be focused on being the best version of yourself. Keep improving. Do not use anyone’s life as a yardstick to measure the value of your life. You should be your only competition. Keep working to become the better version of yourself. When you know who you are, and what you possess, you become more confident. Self-discovery is the true key to that.

Death is part of life. We live to die, we die because we lived. Always trust your intuition. Be logical when doing that.

You will be judged the same way you have judged others. Judging people makes you ugly and bitter. It doesn’t make you a better person. Focus more on understanding their perspective and they’re “why”. Laughter is still the cheapest and best medicine you can give to yourself and those around you. Again, you do not wait around for life to happen you make life happen. Do not limit yourself. There is no limit to what you can achieve. 

Love is the greatest gift. The greatest weapon. Do not live your life to please others. Always lead by example. If you want things done, do them yourself. The truth never changes. Truth always prevails. Make sure you’re standing on the path of truth. It is rewarding in a long run. And ultimately remember that what is meant to be will be. #Intellectual Naija Improve your level of spirituality and forgiveness.