R Kelly sex trafficking charges continue as Louis testified

R Kelly sex trafficking charges continue as Louis testified

The American popular singer R Kelly trials continue in Chicago on the accusation of sex trafficking involving underages. His hearing started in 2019 following his arrest by the federal prosecutors on complex cases of child molestation and luring of juveniles. R Kelly has been seducing underages into oral affinity and homosexualism. Victims claimed he has been promising to many of them, claiming to sponsor their music in a prospect to take hold of them.

A young man named Louis showed at Chicago on Monday during his hearing and testified on how Kelly ruined him when he was in high school because he shared his musical vision with him.

Louis confession against R Kelly.

Louis explained his 10-year involvement with Kelly that began at a McDonald’s drive-thru when he was a high school aspiring rapper. His testimony came in the third week of Kelly’s Brooklyn federal trial on racketeering and sex trafficking charges. Kelly has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Louis claimed he met Kelly in 2006 while working at the drive-thru of a Chicago-area McDonald’s during his final year in high school, saying a whip and Kelly pulled up in a Maybach Benz and eventually gave the teen and a co-worker piece of paper with Kelly’s phone number.

Louis said he gave the number to his mother, who eventually called Kelly and told him her son was a big fan, an aspiring rapper and would love to work with him on his music. After someday, R Kelly invited Louis family to a party in the Chicago suburb of Olympia Fields.

One day Kelly invited him to his house, where the singer asked him what he “would do for music.” Kelly then asked whether he had any fantasies, specifically about “you and men,” to which Louis responded that he did not. He testified that Kelly unzipped his pants and started performing oral sex on him.

Louis said R Kelly has to stop because the “you and men” things are not his way, and he wasn’t reacting to his moves. Louis said he continued to contact and meet up with Kelly. Sometimes for parties at the singer’s home, and sometimes to watch Kelly play basketball near the McDonald’s where he worked.

The Assistant US Attorney Elizabeth Geddes asked why Louis continues to meet R Kelly after he attempted to abuse him. Louis answered, “Because I really wanted to make it in the music industry.”

Louis and R Kelly had Oral sex with a Young Lady at the Garage.

One day R Kelly took me to a detached garage where he had his boxing ring and exercise equipment. Kelly snapped his fingers, and a “young lady” crawled out from under the boxing ring. Louis testified, he didn’t “mind” oral sex with the “young lady” if it had been just between the two of them.

Louis also testified he had multiple “sexual encounters” with Kelly, but it was unclear from his attestation whether all of those affirmed episodes took place when he was 17. He also asserted that Kelly taped many of the incidents on a camcorder or iPad.

“As our relationship got stronger, he called me more like a brother — I was his little brother,” Louis testified.

In August 2020, Louis was arrested for trying to bribe a bystander to stop cooperating. The witness identified as R Kelly ex-girlfriend Jane who was sexually abused by Kelly when she was 17. Louis pleaded guilty to one count of attempted bribery and entered into a cooperation agreement with prosecutors.

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