Poverty or Madness, 1 of this is Killing The African Race

Poverty or Madness, 1 of this is Killing The African Race

Don’t judge me because I lend my voice, the poverty ruling the mind of our people must stop. Here is my opinion, I woke up this morning thinking about why my community is not growing. I removed totally political reasons, religion, ethnics, race and any other life agent you might think. My thinking is based on us, people who lived here. I think deep and fall back to my root. Why is my community not growing?

Many African homes are living poor because they don’t know who they are. We are reckless about our past. We hate history. We hate the truth. We love to follow, never to lead. I look deep into the African rich homes. I realized most African children that became stars in the world are blacks. The white men tricked us with a funny name to rule us. According to the book 48 laws of power, get others to do the work for you, but always take the credit.

The white people are taking the credit for technologies, inventories, science, life hack discovered by blacks today. When is Africa going to liberate itself from poverty? We have many ideas, but the crazy rich eggs don’t support the needy. They prefer foreign products and services. Do you know how much Apple has generated in Nigeria only? We claim to be poor, going through headaches to save money but use luxury because we believe in fake life.

America is leading the world through invisible powers. Are we not suppose to top Agriculture business in the world so that other races can depend on us. Their Armies can not feed on electronics. To a common African man, information is poison. We love temporary things. When challenges come, we are too sluggish to the solution. We complain a lot and are afraid of things we can’t see. When we have an innovation, the white will buy it away from us.

Is this Poverty or Madness?

There is no leading business in the world that is being operated directly from Africa. Name it, if you know any? The only thing that is making Africa remain relevant in the world today is content creation and music.

Our political empire has been torn into shafts. Before, we were under the umbrella of some people who can’t stand when the storm came heavily. After the storm, we were given brooms to sweep away the dirt. You and I know that a broomstick will expire one day. But we keep blaming everything on them as if they have supernatural life and must solve our problems.

Sunday Igboho and other Yoruba Nation aggregators were hunted like bush meat. It was over the news some non-human still praises the action of the deceived commander. African man killing another brother and celebrating. As the world keeps watching, they know the lunatic movie happening presently in Nigeria will never stop.

Nmadi Kalu was chained down by Kenya operatives and denied they don’t know him. How would they know him? These intelligent operatives in Kenya don’t watch television because they are poor minded. How many times have you heard the news from the United Kingdom that Police raid citizens and killed and cart away dead bodies?

These dead political minds have investments in other places in the world. But having a cheap mind towards the community because they know we are best at snitching on ourselves. The game of hunger pushes our people to harass nonnatives because Africans don’t give thanks for yesterday.

Poverty Will Make Us Hopeless

We believe in what we are seeing. Hope is not in our traditions. We are never ready to adopt a new life. How many politician children are in the police? Few are in the military and other paramilitary sectors. Somebody drunk in power will instruct you to destroy your own people, and you are celebrating.

You must be on drugs or emotionally deluded. Have you heard such a case in America where police kill protesters or military shooting massively in the local community without a red alert? If not wickedness, who are you to kill a brother and celebrate? During the United States Capitol riot, the police did not shoot at the white protesters. The American police don’t threaten their own people. Here we threaten ourselves. Pastors arresting people because they were activists. Is this godly?

I wonder what kind of drug these people are taking. They must be addicted for them to create madness laws. Nigeria is on fire. Our National Complex is a pool of water. Why don’t we use that water to quench the fire in the Northeast? Instead, these people bought Yachts and cruising at the National Complex, cashing out every day. The most painful part of this, they will always send the poor to go and roast meats in the burning fire and bring assorted to Aso Rock.

Even King Nebuchadnezzar was not this wicked. Why are they tormenting our people too much because they are vigour? Our army has been on the insurgency game for how many years. Lagos – Ibadan expressway construction is over 20 years. It has been commissioned before the regime of ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo.

We Must Change The Focus

Our military needs to focus on other life-changing businesses that can help the community. And make other African nations depend on us as Armory. Instead, we keep buying different military equipment without winning a war. The popularity at the IDP camps keeps increasing every day. New babies, fresh members. Some people are happy because they are extorting from the budget to feed the internally displaced people. Is this not a mental illness?

In all, let’s stop thinking like the African people. Let’s start living like the Blacks. I see many differences in the name Blacks than Africa. Behind the black colour, there is white. Behind the white colour, there is white. We need to be people behind people. We must stand to protect ourselves. We must stand to promote ourselves

When you tell a common African man to get a voter ID, they will say their vote doesn’t matter. But he claims to be a graduate. Our belief is to earn the certificate, not learn the rules. A professor in the university has never provided a solution that can solve at least 2% of the problem in society. These people are very dubious that they have even killed the dream of many bright students and poison their minds to innovation.

In 2021, the University of Lagos still learning FORTRAN, COBOL. Please, what can you do with 12 years child that can’t eat, walk or talk? Some blockheaded people will continue to loop awards to them. I wonder why we celebrate fake life.

Choose the word between Africa and Blacks. I prefer to be a black man than to be called a man who lives in darkness. African must get a sense. Let the revolution shake the pillar of the world. Our nation deserves better. Don’t fight for a revolution because you want to be called a Biafran or Oduduwa people. Lend your voice to fight for freedom.

Nigeria must stand as one if we want to conquer the jealous wicked Nebuchadnezzar that was re-born to our nation. It’s terrible my words are not clear. Get the point, not my mistakes. Poverty is killing the mind of Africans. What is poverty: The ability to endure pains and sorrow while you celebrate the dictator. My greatest fear in life is poverty not death.