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About us

Azure Voice is an entertainment company that focuses on music publishing, film distribution, artists management, game publishing, royalties collection, social engineering and advertisement agency. The company is fully incorporated in Nigeria and is also a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers.

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Our Services

Result-Driven Experience in Music Business

We plan top-notch music events and liaise with other top voice media houses to give you the best entertainment.

Music Distro

We have partnered with over 300 digital streaming platforms, 1400+ international radio stations, TikTokers and curators for content pitching and worldwide distribution.

Royalties Collection

We collect all types of royalties on behalf of our artists. Mechanical royalties, performance royalties, synch and print sheet royalties.

Artist Management

We have a great artist management program tailored to help all upcoming artists/curators to achieve their dream in the entertainment industry.


Our music team are experts in music composition, arrangement, recording, sampling, mixing and mastering techniques.

About Us

Azure Voice is an entertainment company that brings opportunities to solo artists, content creators and record labels. Use our hashtag #azurevoice for trends and entertainment deals.

Work Hours

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