Fight For Freedom: Israeli didn't stop at fasting & prayer

Fight For Freedom: Israeli didn’t stop at fasting & prayer

The Israeli didn’t stop at fasting and prayer but also stand a fight for freedom. Why did the Nigerian government invest so much in the insurgency? The Boko Haram fighter have been invading our lands for a long time. Like I used to say, Insurgency in Nigeria is a profitable business before Oil and Gas.

We should be thankful for the help of the Internet. The global community helps to flatten the curve, bring light into darkness and show us how the world community can get better. Insurgency in the North/East region of Nigeria has been for decades. A lot of dirty deal has been done and dusted in the North without a trace. There is a recent publication by Oladoja of Ibadan, who alleged the North fracture.

How International Politics is killing us.

Northern states are not part of the fracture process. We must understand and watch carefully how international politics have been driving Nigeria crazy to gain access. The Biafra nation is a pro political group sponsored by some private international bodies to embodied the law into our system.

I have read funny stuff about the Oduduwa nation existence before Nigeria. We should know that history can be funny. We were not alive then, so we shouldn’t allow greed to drive us far from good stories.

What we should focus on is how to hijack the driving wheel of Nigeria from the Jihadist, cruel African leaders and the uncultured fellow who have been working as intelligence officers to pro-international politics coup.

Oppression of Igbo community, Fight for freedom

Nnmadi Kalu is not our problem. Come to think of it, how do you feel if your community is not safe and they have the strength to fight back. The oppression against the Igbo Community of Nigeria (ICN) is thick and cannot be accepted in the Northern/Western part of Nigeria.
Indeed, the Igbo people have once misused power. We are also afraid to give them a second chance.

The Igbo community needs to come together and know that their representatives are their major problem. Corrupt, fugitive and cunny. Until the Igbo community stand for freedom from their unforgiven leaders, that’s when the Igbo community will rise again. Support the Igbo community to fight for freedom! Fight against Oppression against the Igbo community.

The Yoruba Wicked Rulers

The Yoruba pilots are bunches of corruptions, indiscipline and indecent fellow. Apart from implementing luxury life in the west for the benefit of their family, they are the major contributor to fraternity, cybersecurity, high level of poverty hitting the west.

Slavery in the West, Fight for freedom

I say slavery in Lagos state is in a digital form. Either you like it or not, your human right will be abused by Police, LASMA, NURTW and street hoodlum. The government failed to bob the whole situation because those boys are their machinery. How many lives have been claimed by NURTW in Lagos? Ketu/Ikosi/Lagos Island/Ajah riot how many innocent souls have been stabled and cut short. Some parent still believes their children are in Lagos but not true. RIP to all Nigerians who died struggling for a better life.

The Northern states Need To Fight For Freedom

We can not continue to watch the shaft become the shadow man. It’s time we call for justice and revolution. To people who keep fooling themselves over Northern luxury living. The North is also suffering from wicked empires. They have denied their people basic needs:

  1. Good health care
  2. Security and more
  3. Education

Can you mention how many top military men have been massacred in the North? Do you remember them, families, children, ambition? When I was in the North East, I know how difficult it was for Internal Displaced People to live. The rate of LGBTQ and prostitution in the North has increased by 600% in the last 8 years of insurgency. Marriage of underage citizens and a lot of unspeakable atrocities.

Fight For Freedom

Nigeria is under fire. We need to revolute now. In conclusion, a Hausa man can never become a governor in Igbo land. A Yoruba man can never become a governor in Hausa land. The people we elect are our problem. One of them mistakenly calls us children.

He has been crucified as the god of toilet builders. Another one lied that people are asking him to run for the presidency. In all, let us light up the 2023 fire now. Let us beat the revolution drum from East, West, South and North.

If Nigeria breaks, those bigot politicians win. One more thing, forget your vote don’t count. Acquire a voters card against 2023. And when it’s time to choose our representative. Let stand and elect people who have no political history, criminal records or godfathers. I am tired of Punch, Tribune, CNN, BBC talking about citizens with criminal records. Our media needs to focus on technology, education and betta living tips.

This morning, one of the most prominent Nigeria was arrested for $65B fraud. Nigeria leaders are the real Hushpuppi. The Israeli didn’t stop at fasting and prayer but fight for freedom. How long will we watch these iron men rule us with cruelty and hatred? Fight for freedom

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