NA Troop Nabbed 3 Gunrunners Retrieved Ak47 & Machine Gun

NA Troop Nabbed 3 Gunrunners Retrieved Ak47 & Machine Gun

The Nigerian Army NA Troop has nabbed 3 gunrunners migrating from the Niger republic around 11 pm on 1st June 2021. According to the NA spokesman, Brigadier General MOHAMMED YERIMA said, the operation was carried out based on an intelligent report suspecting criminal activities at that zone. The NA Troop recovered Ak 47, Machine Guns, RPG Bombs, RPG Charger and other assorted ammunition. He said the operation was carried out by highly vigilant troops.
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How NA Troop Nabbed 3 Gunnrunners, recovered Fibre Weapons

Nigerian Army troops operating around Sabo Birni border town of Sokoto State neutralised 3 gunrunners and recovered weapons on 1 June 2021. This was made possible following credible information of gunrunners moving weapons on foot from the Niger Republic into Nigeria around 11 pm.
The highly vigilant troops mounted a successful ambush along the suspected route close to Garin Naimaimai Village and neutralised the 3 gunrunners. Items recovered include RPG bombs and RPG chargers, machine gun, AK47 assault rifle and other accessories as well as the different calibre of assorted ammunition.

Guns Recovered by Nigerian Army Troop

The Chief of Army Staff Maj Gen Faruk Yahaya commended the efforts of the troops and urged them to sustain operational tempo by dominating all the illegal routes around the border areas with the Niger Republic to frustrate any movement of weapons and ammunition into the country.

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