Mr P Zoom Giveaway How To Become The Next Winner in 2021

Mr P Zoom Giveaway How To Become The Next Winner in 2021

Here is a guide on how to participate in the Mr P zoom giveaway program in 2021. The lottery program is available for people living in Nigeria and other sub-Sahara countries. There are many benefits attached to the program. You can choose to buy as many as possible tickets to get a chance to win a grand prize on the next zoom lottery lotto. Kindly use this step to participate in the program. You may be the next lucky winner.

HOW TO PLAY THE Mr P Zoom Giveaway

  • Visit the Zoom lottery official website and sign up.
    • Click on the buy raffle.
    • Enter your credentials (Name, Phone number, Email).
    • Proceed to payment option (each raffle ticket cost about 500 Naira.
    • Create a login password
    • Click submit

After a few minutes, your tickets will be in your mailbox. As soon as you receive your raffle, you are eligible for the next draw. You can also play directly with your Bank USSD-Code

Mr P Zoom Giveaway

For Fidelity bank customers, please use this code to buy a raffle directly from your bank account. Fidelity Bank Dial *700*000*81111#. Other banks users should please visit the zoom lottery website. You can buy as many tickets as you desire. These will increase your chances of winning.

You can also get tickets for all categories. Expect people living outside Nigeria or do not have access to complete their registration due to restrictions or geographical location. However, there is an international category for people living outside Nigeria who wishes to participate in the program. 

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Follow Mr P zoom lottery on Facebook @zoomupyourlife to get live updates on the next scheduled lottery program. The program will be live on Facebook and zoom official website. You will get a chance to win cash, gadget and others. You may also use the hashtag #zoomlifestyle on Twitter to read people’s predictions about the zoom lottery program. Follow @azurevoice for more stories on Mr P Zoom giveaway, career and achievements.