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Buhari Remains Silent on Lekki Bloodgate 2020

Lekki Bloodgate massacres that happened recently in Nigeria leading to the mass shooting of unarmed civilians by the 81 brigade army division, Lagos has been buried. The house of President and her cabal ignores the escalation of this incident without no consolation or assurance of safety. 

Lekki Bloodgate

After President Buhari addresses the citizens of Nigeria, he only mentions n-power, farmers benefits, CAC license registration and warns Nigerians to stop the protest. The government has also vowed that any protester found destroying government properties shall be responsible accordingly. This message is for all protesters in Nigeria, plan a winning strategy. The cabal won’t stop killing Nigerian youths until the world talks about it. The President is above the law, if not Lekki Bloodgate Tuesday should not be forgotten. #IntelNaija