June 12 protest in Nigeria is a revolt for weak politicians

June 12 protest in Nigeria is a revolt for weak politicians

The rumour following the June 12 protest in Nigeria is critically ill. Some ailing voters are still frustrated about the whole upshot. They don’t know the purpose of the ongoing saga and what pushed us to this worrisome call for activism. Nigerians are high minded people. We are a front figure in the world community.

How long do we fold our arms and watch the value of our nation downgraded by outdated fellow? We have seen the effort of our beloved military soldier, people who have dedicated their lives to the peace of this nation. Our brother left their beloved ones to conquer the tension rising every day in the North East of Nigeria.

We shall not let the fight of our fallen heroes be swept under the carpet. The call for activist on June 12 is going to be the biggest revolution in Africa. There is a lot of warnings against this sally dedicated to the fallen heroes. The United States of America, Canada and other prime countries are interested in Nigeria tomorrow.

BEWARE OF FALSE PROPAGANDA Muhammadu Buhari The tyrant is panicked, they are now spreading false info that #June12protest #BuhariMustGo has been “postponed” till Monday, this is false #June12 is the D-Day for #BuhariMustGo #Noshaking – Omoyele Sowore

June 12 protest in Nigeria

In all, Deji Adeyanju is not giving up on the call for revolution. In a recent microblog by Deji, “My mum calling me since morning. Won’t pick until tomorrow after #June12thProtest“. He added, the reasons for the June 12 protest in Nigeria is Insecurity is

  • Unending kidnapping of citizens.
  • Stop attacking protesters
  • Respect human rights.
  • Reverse Twitter ban.

Are these statements true? Yes, insecurity has been a profitable business in Nigeria after oil and banking. The annoying part of the whole issue is the government giving amnesty to Bandits and Boko Haram troops. Less than 4 million people have been displaced since the insurgency hit the North-East part of Nigeria. The government is not recognizing its people or observing human rights.

The rumour about shoot at sight orders! Well, it is a military strategy: “Psychological operations (PSYOP) are operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective ..” you must know that part of it is NANS fake announcement today and sundry other fake Info that the protest has been postponed till Monday, PSYOPs – Omoyele Sowore June 12 protest in Nigeria.#BuhariMustGo #June12Protest #nogoingback

On May 31, 2021, Omoyele Sowore was shot by a female police officer in Abuja during a call for activist. Agba Jalingo was accused wrongly of ammunition trafficking, Kogi state governor Yahaya Bello arrested peaceful protesters for raising banners of Revolution Now. People are tired of the system and administrator strategy.

Chronicle June 12 protest in Nigeria

Nigerian leaders have ignored social infrastructure in the community. Our education system has collapsed. We can’t boost any professor in Nigerian university that has solved a major problem in our education system.

Our politician assumes medical overseas, education overseas, seek asylum for their families in Canada, Germany, etc. No proper accountability of public funds or government reserve. June 12 protest in Nigeria stand. Join the presidential democracy speech at 7 am on the National Television Authority and Radio Nigeria. Happy Democracy day.

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I don’t have 2 passports. I have only a Nigerian passport & I have had several opportunities to have several passports. This is why I never want this country to burn to the ground. People have the right to say they don’t believe in Nigeria and they must not be killed for expressing their views but I do. The UK didn’t kill those that said they want to leave the country – Deji Adeyanju.