Igangan People Were Ignored Bcs They Are Minorities - Azure Voice

Igangan People Were Ignored Bcs They Are Minorities – Azure Voice

The Igangan people were ostracised because they are minorities. The Government is only interested in the golden land, not the people living in it. An attack on the Igangan people by the Fulani Herdsmen is an attack on Oyo Empire. The Fulanis are still interesting in their stratagem to take over the Oyo Alaafin kingdom. History had mentioned King Afonja of Ilorin, Fulani slayers, their plot to overthrow the people of Oyo. It is so disheartening to see history clamp. This time, the Oyo people are dirty pot.

Igangan People

Not truthful or bold enough to say, “an attack on the Igangan people is an attack on Oyo Empire”. What have the Igangan people gained from the government? Their community lack social life and infrastructures. The government have never paid attention to them because they are minorities.
This is not the first attack recorded at Igangan. Governor Seyi Makinde promised them security and social infrastructures.

Indeed Igangan is safe. Within 2 years, the state government repaired/constructed 10 stadia in Oyo without recording any intensive sports activities. The money wasted on these projects would have been best for other community needs.

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Can we say there is no police post at Igangan? or paramilitary checkpoints? How many children have received government benefits in Igangan? How many government residential areas or infrastructures are in Igangan? The government and his cabal continue to fool us. When they start, they tagged it Change and Now Next Level. We are enjoying the high level of security the government has provided at the Federal and States level.

WACTH Igangan Residents Attacked by Fulani Herdsmen

Kudos to Seyi Makinde for not fulfilling his words on security and infrastructure to the people of Igangan. I am sure the people who planted this evil are happy to see our brothers slain. We cannot continue to watch this war melody remixed by exasperated leaders. Our Yoruba rulers are quiet as a graveyard. Because the Igangan people are minorities, our leaders watch them burning.

God will bring justice to every evil planted in Nigeria. These criminal minds are using the Igangan people as an experiment or startup. In time they will grow wings and attack other places in the Oyo kingdom. Our representatives should not tell us they are not aware of these evil deeds. God will fight for the minorities. Igangan will not fall.