How to make good music from scratch like a professional

How to make good music from scratch like a professional

Here is a perfect guide on how to make good music from scratch, monetize it and become a spotlight. Read carefully!

Today, music is one of the most selling content. According to Azure Voice analysis, 10% of Americans, 15% of Africans, 1.3% of Asians, 0.4 per cent of Arabians, and 40% of Indians are into music. Many talented and untalented artists are trying harder every day to be in the spotlight. Entertainment indeed is highly profitable. It is a secret economic breakthrough for people who are lovers of it. However, it is not easy, tasking and needs a lot of patients.

I will be sharing with you step by step on how to become a professional musician, Brooker. In this blog, you will learn how to plan your playlists, lyrics, promotion and monetization. In the end, you will know the secret key to Soundcloud, Spotify Music, Apple, Pandora and other top streaming platforms out there today. You will start by earning a minimum of $10 monthly for a start-up. You can earn more if you are dedicated.

What is music?

Music is the combination of meaningful words and accidental tones to create feelings that control thoughts. It can also be defined as a cloudless opinion or combination of words to control people. The first approach to writing good music is staying humble in body and spirit.

The spirit of music doesn’t live in proud people. It grows in people who don’t overhype themselves or think the lyrics are from their own energy. This is one of the reasons many superstars are no more in the spotlight today. After the debut of their first album, they believe they are victors because they have a flourishing extension playlist.

The music spirit doesn’t tolerate a gratified mind. It occupies people who appreciate its existence. It grows bigger in people who don’t forget their background.

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The second approach to composing good music is learning how to play a musical instrument. I have had many conversations with hundreds of upcoming artists in few months. During our conversations, I asked them if they know how to play a musical instrument or an idea on how to read music notes. 0.1 per cent of upcoming artists comment that they know how to control musical instruments.

Wow, I can’t believe a person who claimed to be a musician can’t control symphonic instruments. How do you prove to people you are truly are a musician? The truth is music creation is beyond composing lyrics. You must know how to read musical notes, control vocal instruments and understand music progression.

It will help you during the studio section. If the studio engineer is off the beat, you can easily detect it. There is no shortcut to the top of a palm tree. If you want to improve in your music career, you must learn how to play vocal instruments. A lazy person can’t be a successful musician. It is not an easy thing. It requires a lot of sleepless nights.

How to make good music
Learn how to make good music from scratch

Have a Lyrics note?

The third approach to planning a successful playlist is documentation of poetic and rhythms. 40% of upcoming artists out there believe music is an influence. Yes, music can be an influence if you don’t break its rule. Don’t fool yourself. We are no more in days where music used to be an influence. Today, good music requires a lot of practice, consistency and documentation.

Plan your rehearsals: If you want to make good music, you must plan rehearsal time and be consistent. Do not let anything disrupt your rehearsal time.

Avoid critic people.

As an upcoming artist, many things will discourage you from your dream. People will condemn your lyrics, especially people who are close to you. If you don’t experience this, music is not your way. Find another path. People must criticize your music, write a controversial post about you. Believe me, that is a sign of victory.

8 things you should do
  • Stay humble
  • Create a rehearsal time
  • Document your lyrics
  • Training your voice
  • Learn how to control vocal instruments
  • Engage in a daily exercise
  • Be consistent
  • Pray and hustle
How to monetize music online.

I have received hundreds of emails, chat, text, call on this popular question how do I monetize my music online. Music monetization is the easiest thing on the internet today. You don’t need to worry too much. I will be using two people as a case study in this blog. Please concentrate on this part. I may not be straightforward because understanding is intellectual property.

There are many ways you can monetize your music on the internet today. Facebook is a great place for upcoming artist to boost their financials but requires consistency. YouTube Music is also a great place. Spotify is really great. The big question is, with a lot of artists today, are they truly making it?

The answer is yes and no. But I will open your eyes to a great content titled ‘Empire‘. Franc. Reyes is one of the most respected content creators in the world today. Many people think the movie Empire is just a script. No, It’s a revolution that has changed the face of the industry. Before people like Curtis Jackson realized Empire was a big deal, it was too late.

Finally, on how to make good music, you need a website to showcase your talents. You also need a fan page on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Honestly, you can’t do this by yourself. This is why you need to hire a professional like Azure Voice to help you handle your music distribution and give you 100% of your royalty.

Our team is dedicated to making things work for you. Let us know your budget. Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve the best in your music career. If anybody promises you a free music distribution, don’t fall for it. You need to invest in your career to be in the spotlight. Get started with just 15 USD and unlock a new career path. Be where you want to be in 2021 with Azure voice.

Thank you for reading our guide on how to make good music from scratch like a professional. We are happier to have you on this blog. Use the form below to talk to an expert now. Life is beautiful when you achieve the best of your career. We were born broke, don’t die broke. Follow us @azurevoice on Facebook for more updates. We love you! Now that you know how to make good music like a professional, what are your next steps?