Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is Azure Voice ?

Azure Voice is an entertainment company that focuses on artist management service, music publishing and publishing administrator for soul music, country, gospel and trap genre.

Is Azure Voice Free ?

Yes, Azure Voice is free to use. You can listen to our playlist across all DSPs platforms, internet radio and cable tv. Our service is 100% unique with no upfront payment.

Can I Join Azure Voice ?

Yes, Azure Voice is looking for talented artists around the globe. We have openings for Trap artists, Soul and Country singers. Our membership plan is flexible and more profitable for rookie artists.

Where is Azure Voice Located ?

Azure Voice is located in Lagos, Nigeria. We are the first artist management company, publisher and music publishing administrator located in Nigeria. Read more about us

Who is the founder of Azure Voice ?

Azure Voice was founded and incorporated on the 29th of July 2021 by Nigerian influencer, Roy Amoo in Lagos, Nigeria. 

Can I collaborate With Azure Voice Artist ?

Yes, independent artists and record labels can collaborate with Azure Voice artists. Send your demo to our playlist curator team to secure a collaboration opportunity.