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Grammy 2021 Names of Qualified Nigerians

Here are the names of three Nigerians due for Grammy Awards 2021. Despite the pandemic, the world entertainment industry keeps growing. More positive impact on the environment and exposing us more to social life. These three superstars are due for Grammy Awards. If truly Black Lives Matters. And I will urge the community to please give their supports for these people.

Grammy 2021: Burna Boy, Omah Lay and Tems

Burna Boy his album is an international appeal. No other Nigerian artist has dropped a quality album over African Giant and Twice as Tall. No over hyping, Burna for Grammy 2021. When its time kindly nominates Burna Boy.

Tems is the latest Beyonce in town. Apart from being selfless, she speaks blessings. If Donald J Trump is not crushing on our princess by now, her song must be on his playlist. E.P is louder than your favourite artists’ album.

Omah Lay do not disturb is better than old town road. Did you hear that part where the crazy bitch was scream the whole out of haters? Bad influence is a spiritual song talking about how the street would drive a man craze. Which is one way or the other, we are a victim. Nominate Omah lay for Grammy 2021.