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Fans Bullied Regina Daniels on Facebook 2020

Nigerians are fierce when it comes to bullying people on social media. Yesterday, Regina Daniels official Facebook page was on fire. Fans react to her uncultured marriage and ask her a few questions. 

Dear Regina Daniels, how do you feel when Ned Nwokolo makes love to you? Why now, Nigerians are too sloppy, she never complained about her marriage. Nigerians are alarming in every case happening in their communities. #IntellectualNaija

How Fans Bullied Regina Daniels on Facebook

Celestine Young: How I wish the billionaires can create job opportunities for the poor masses by making an investment with their wealth for the jobless youths to have something doing for survival, not buy expensive cars, houses, private jets, having wives. But let us just think about it.

Princess Karlyn Mayanja Mukisa: The worst part of dating a rich man is that the breakup is always announced by the gateman “My boss said, I should not open for you”不不不不

Pin Ky: Can’t you people just comment good about Gina for once? No one can change the decision she has already made, so if you guys like, talk from now till the end,u will only waste ur sub commenting 不 and she will always be who she wants to be, and not what people want her to be 儭儭Ily Gina歹 no matter what

Princess Gold: Nigeria people don’t focus on themselves but in the life of others, this girl has a child nothing is eating her up, because physically ok,if I should understand this queen to my own self she’s doing very okay. U people are just here killing and sleeping hungry over someone’s body that is full of enjoyment. she can only choose to get a big body like before it’s very easy 色 it’s her choice to be fat or look slim just like this . Her mother is de if the husband is not doing her well enough I believe her mother will speak to the world – Regina Daniels