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Pray for Aso Rock, Boko Haram/ISWAP Should Not Take Over

Pray for Aso Rock, Boko Haram/ISWAP terrorists should not take over. The attack on the Nigerian Defense Academy is a sprung of weakness and proof that the present administration in Nigeria has lost its focus and authority. How come we find ourselves in this ill-famed season. Our president, Buhari and his dumped folded administration has ignorantly broken the code of the people, peace is far from Nigeria.

Nigeria is a country where people are struggling to survive. The government has failed at everything. No good electricity, no freedom of speech and no government benefits, but some people will continue to hype an empty barren as the giant of Africa as we continue to fail in economic, security, education and other sectors. What a shame we are in a deep mess.

This ill-fated leadership started during the regime of Olusegun Obasanjo, where our state treasury was vandalized in the name of democracy, passed on the Goodluck Jonathan, the African leader and the sufferer People Democratic Party. Later, we move on to the All Progressive Calamity, a disaster that is causing chaos. The APC family started with the change agenda but a game plan to buy off the South-West greedy political leaders and their houseboys.

Now, Buhari is the president. The western godfather and his political houseboys are silent as the grave. The present administration keeps oppressing anybody who does not fall for their evil agenda or canvas with them to squander the state resources.

Nigeria at 60 years:

  • We don’t have a good military defence.
  • Our children don’t feel safe at school.
  • The DSS is working for the government to persecute any citizen that rises to speak the truth.
  • 1 USD equals 415 Naira. The CBN cannot control the physical and monetry policies.
  • Boko Haram/ISWAP terrorists are killing our brothers in the North.
  • No freedom of speech or human rights.
  • No stable electricity.
  • Bandits are taking Ransome from citizens.
  • Military officers are adopted in the Nigeria Defense Academy.
  • Repentance Boko Harams grant amnesty.
  • Nnamdi Kalu’s life is at stake because he is defending his people.
  • Sunday Igboho is on the run because the present administration is dog hunting every revolutionist.
  • Sowore is a regular customer of the Nigerian Correction Facilities because he visioned revolution.
  • Bandits are killing innocent people in the community in the name of Islam.

Aso Rock is the Secret of Nigeria

Is this not tormenting? Is this not disgracing? How can we continue to live like this? People are not safe at work, school, religious houses, etc. The empty drum in Aso Rock is only making noise when the sufferer hits it hard.

At this point, we should not trust any political front man, Olusegun Obasanjo, Samuel Ortom, Miyetti Allah, Police, Military and anyone in the present administration. These people are playing games on us. Among them are the actor and the boss. They invented this evil agenda to make us lose focus in the coming change of power.

The question is, If Governor Samuel Ortom knows the bandits’ details, why didn’t he mention their names publicly with evidence? Wise up Nigerians, If Olusegun Obasanjo knows the real bandits, why didn’t he fish them out?

Some people will say it’s not a wise decision to mention names. At this point, if you can’t mention names, please keep shut. Let Buhari and his fallen administration continue to eat chicken laps and dine at Aso Rock. Even King Nebucadenzer did not use iPads and iPhones as souvenirs. These ill people have used our present and future treasure to borrow loan.

God will fight for the minorities. If you are part of these people campaigning for the People Democratic Party, All Progressive Calamity and other old schools political movements in Nigeria, it’s time to wake up. They cannot continue to receive treatment abroad while our youth corpses are drop in a public morgue. Nigerian stand for revolution. Boko Haram/ISWAP may take over Aso Rock Villa, Abuja.

Photo of Aso Rock Villa

Aso Rock
Aso Rock Presidential Villa Abuja