Annie Idibia disgraced 2Face and Family in a viral post

Annie Idibia disgraced 2Face and Family in a viral post

What we know about the ongoing crisis between Annie Idibia and 2 Face. Time flies, the Dubai overrated wedding on 13 March 2013, between 2Face and Annie becomes a catastrophe as wife rage over domestic violence and unkind spirits of the Idibia family. Every home indeed has cons to manage. It’s either coming in a parallel way or a stick to lesson. It’s unpleasant to read such horror on the timeline of the most Nigerian celebrated artist wife, about Tubaba domestic saga which has turned to blood in the clot.

In a viral post by Annie, she alleged 2Face of not being responsible and incapable to manage family differences. She added I am a patient woman. I am not a fool innocent. Your family never loved me from the beginning. No matter how hard, I tried I was never worthy of them. I have made so many sacrifices for you and all your children. God knows I have tried.

Other celebrities have reacted to the ongoing crisis between 2Face Idibia and Annie. Many people believed Annie Idibia is chasing the clout. Zubby Michael, Harrysong, Junior Pope, Charles Idibia and others have called out Annie Idibia, claiming her comments are insensitive.

Let travel back: Before 2baba and Annie tied with matrimonial blessings in Dubai on the 13th of March 2013, it’s public that Innocent Idibia is a woman flake. His uncontrollable sexual affair is no a rumour but a timeline that repost children outside wedlock.

Many people know Annie Idibia to be a patient woman. She sacrifices everything to make 2baba better in his daily activities, which he confessed openly before he handcuffs the pretty Annie.

The humiliation towards Annie Idibia in many viral posts is inhuman. Charles Idibia accused Annie Idibia mother of possession of black powers to control the affairs of the Idibia family. The truth is yet to be uncovered, as the saga between Annie Idibia and 2baba becomes suspense. Follow @azurevoice on Facebook for more updates.

Photo of Annie Idibia and 2Face

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