Edexcel University Benin 2020/21 ready for convocation

Edexcel University Benin 2020/21 ready for convocation

Edexcel University Benin Republic honoured 2020/2021 certified scholars. According to the PROVOST at Edexcel College of Health Sciences and Technology, Prince Bamikefa James announced the good news via Facebook with a call to watch attitudes and choices after college. Bamikefa furthered by praying for the outgoing students and remain unique at all costs.

The Edexcel University Benin is recognised for speculative research, pedagogy and excellence. The university is located in Port Novo, Benin Republic. From 2015 till date, Edexcel has graduated over 500 students in the science department, social sciences and art. The institution is recognized by the Federal Ministry of Education and listed for the National Youth Service Corp scheme.

Founder, Edexcel University Benin

The Edexcel University is founded in 2015 by Professor Ode Emmanuel, professor of forensic economics and philanthropist. Emmanuel has been the brain behind many social educative events in the Benin Republic. Edexcel university has been leading all courses.

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