10 things you should know about the music industry today

10 things you should know about the music industry today

10 things you should know about the music industry and why many upcoming artists are struggling to shine. I know many of you are pushing harder to become a star. I appreciate your courage, commitment and unending spending. In this pandemic, things are not easy. Many times, we run out of data, starve ourselves to stay relevant in the game. So many sleepless nights, trying to compose new lyrics and all. Don’t give up, every hustler get a payday.

I want to use this medium to encourage us more. The game is not easy. It’s tasking because the big fishes don’t want the small ones to survive. But God’ll make us prevail against all odds. As you continue to record your tracks, remember these things are important. What I am about to share with you now is a secret to winning in the music industry. Be attentive.

It’s crazy because the industry is full of competitors and people who have enough to invest in their careers. It’s disheartened to see many talented artists struggling to debut singles while non-talented artists reign. I have listened to hundreds of music from upcoming talented artists and the question I keep asking myself is why many of them are still in the slum.

10 things you should know
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10 things you should know Today

Many of you have sent your music to top music distributors, Traco, Soundcloud, Distrokid, etc. But no result, no fame, why? The music industry requires a lot of sacrifices. Even people from wealthy backgrounds still face hurdles and unspeakable.

On Thursday, during the R Kelly trial in Chicago, a young artist named Louis came to testify against him on accusations of sex trafficking. During the testimony, the young star comment that he has to play along with R Kelly because he wants to make money in the music industry. Definitely, R Kelly has been molesting him since he was 17 because he wants to become a star.

Many of them are going through this kind of stuff. The record label is demanding too much from them. They are afraid to speak out in public because they are afraid of going back to nothing.

Another case is the rapid fall of many talented artists because of the record label policy. Many artists can not stand the heat because their task is too demanding. Where is Lil Kesh today? Dremo, Ycee, Sugar Boy, Di JA, Reekado Bankz and more. They couldn’t survive the heat in the industry.

I know many of you are anticipating victory. You must not forget who you are or lose our values. You must remain committed at every point in life. Pray and hustle. Things will get better tomorrow. Be grateful for today. Feel free to chat me up anytime for clean conversations. Keep believing, the sky is the beginning. Thank you for reading my tips ’10 things you should know about the music industry.’ Follow me on Facebook at azurevoice. Cheers!


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