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Sound of Hope

Sound of Hope is an Extension Playlist that focuses on winning, and a better tomorrow for all blacks around the world. 

Track List

  • Black Lives Matter
  • Hold My Hands
  • Smile
  • Money
  • Black Mood
  • Implicate Me
  • Aye




Gee Will

Geewill is a Nigerian country singer, and songwriter. Location: Lagos


Dan Corleone

Dan Corleone is a Nigerian Trap singer and songwriter. Location: Delta


Kaycee Bankz

Kaycee Bankz is a Nigerian RnB singer and songwriter. Location: Delta



Veejaystar is a Nigerian soul singer and songwriter. Location: Kebbi

Disc jocker

DJ Levi

DJ Levi is the official in house DJ of Azure Voice. Location: Lagos

a&r man


Jellyfish is a Nigerian content creator and a song arranger. Location: Lagos

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The biggest Afromusic festival, Lagos Nigeria. Main Artists: Geewill, Kaycee Bankz, and Dan Corleone. Guest Artists: Niliflash, CJ Violinist, Sugar Boy, Maines and lot more.